Funiñho 3V3

Funinho is a great version of 3v3. It is a game played with 4 goals on a 25 by 20 yard pitch. The two wide goals at each end encourage young players to use the wings in attack and open up the play.

Playing with 2 goals stimulates greater reading and understanding of the game, including peripheral vision, perception and decision making skills before executing any actions

Funiñho Is The Future

In Funiñho, young players enjoy more touches on the ball, treating it as their best friend. No long clearances or wild and dangerous kicks can be seen. 

All 3 players, including the weaker ones, play a critical role in this game and are involved mentally and physically throughout the game. Nobody can hide!

This game stimulates, more than any other traditional football game, intelligence, perception, imagination and creativity!

Funiñho Is Coming This Winter

We are thrilled to bring you this development game to Lutheran South Academy! Read up on the league and sign up below!


Lutheran South Academy 
12555 Ryewater Dr, Houston, TX 77089


December 7th, 14th, 28th 
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