Houston Futsal Association


Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer game. It is small sided 5V5, played on a smaller pitch (roughly basketball court sized) and with a smaller ball. The game is played on a flat indoor pitch with a size 4 ball with reduced bounce. The Game favors ball control and quick decision making.

Futsal is normally played on an indoor court with a smaller, low-bounce ball. Unlimited substitutions are allowed, as players consistently are running on and off the court.

Futsal is recognized by FIFA as the official indoor soccer game, played with touchlines as boundaries and no use of walls or boards. It is played at a faster than generic 11-a-side full pitch soccer, allowing players to get more touches than a regular game.

There are no offsides and Futsal games are generally higher scoring than regular soccer, making the game more “exciting” to play.