Houston Futsal Soccer Club

HFSC is officially your first true Soccer and Futsal Club in the greater Southeast Region of Houston, TX.

Our 2 in 1 concept provides your child with the opportunity to fully develop technically by utilizing Futsal as the foundation and creating a year-round program that truly offers consistency through training.

We are truly excited to bring this new concept to life as we know the ordinary local soccer clubs do not utilize Futsal in their developmental curriculum. HFSC is here to separate itself from the system and create a new culture of training by providing true technical development at an early age.

Our mission is to attract passionate kids and parents who will believe in the process of development before results. With our "Technique Always Wins" mindset, we can ensure you that your child's development will always be our top priority.  




Lutheran South Academy Partners With HFSC

Our biggest announcement is the recent partnership between LSA and HFSC.

This season, HFSC will provide our teams with a state of the art turf facility to share amongst our teams.

LSA will also provide three basketball courts that HFSC will utilize for Futsal development making LSA the official Houston Futsal headquarters! 

Without flooded fields and safe indoor facilities, HSFC will provide a huge platform for your child to train consistently throughout the year. 


HFSC Forming Teams In:

2015/2016 Coed
2014 Boys
2013/2014 Girls
SBYSC Competitive Divison
2010 Boys 
*Our SBYSC Division is a different program*
Please email albores77@gmail.com

When Do We Start?

We will begin our official Spring Soccer Season on February 1st!

 HFSC 2013s and younger will practice 2x/week and play local soccer games/tournaments at La Francesa soccer league.

All practices will be held at Lutheran South Academy from a 6:00-8:00pm window.

*Local league fees and player cards are not included in HFSC registration* 


How Long Are The Seasons?

HFSC has created a 3 month segment training program that will start on:
Feb 1st - April 29th.
We will begin our Summer Season right after from:
May 3rd - July 31st

Halfway through the seasons, we will keep our parents informed on payments and commitments to continue the following season with HFSC.

*Payment plans available for siblings*
Please contact houstonfutsal@outlook.com for any payment questions.

Yearly Uniform Cost

$135.00 USD

3 Game/Practice Jerseys 
2 Shorts 
2 Socks

This year Houston Futsal Association has partnered with G1s6s Clothing Apparel to bring us a new style of soccer uniforms! We can not wait to see our entire club represent HFSC.

HFA uniforms will be used for both HFSC and HFF Program.


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