30/30 Sessions


HFA truly has it all. The balance between technical training along with sports performance is the key to build true all-around athletes. 

 As athletes and training methods evolve, the foundation never changes. We have to run faster as we get older. We find it extremely important to communicate with proper trainers and programs in the area to ensure that our training methods are safe and effective.

Our goal is to have a sports performance program that builds confidence, boost morale, and instill motivation into our athletes to reach their maximum potential.

HFA is here to provide not only technical training, but also our highly recommended sports performance program!



We are fortunate to have a state-of-the-art professional track that will be utilized to build all around athletes!
 30/30 Session...
30 Minutes of technical soccer training and 30 min of sports performance 
Get fit and explosive with our Vertimax speed system 
Strap on and see what the Raptor is all about!
 Ages 10 +

Age Groups 

6:00pm Ages 8-10 yrs 
7:00pm Ages 11+ 

How To Book Your Sessions


Simple.Affordable.No Contract. 

We offer a session based program that allows you to purchase a small bundle or a bigger bundle of sessions and even lets you BOOK the sessions into our calendar.

Simply use them within the month purchased! Track your sessions and bookings on FITLI.
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